Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beauty Army- March 2013

And here we go!  My first box with beauty army!  I had been wait-listed for Birchbox and Ipsy so I went with Beauty Army as well because I knew I would get it right away!
What a beautiful pink box!

 And cammo no less!

Here is what I got:
1. GG Gatsby Raise Volume Conditioner:  This product was ok.  The smell was fine and the result was fine.  I am not sure I noticed any extra volume.  Next time I will probably not use the rest of my hair products with the conditioner to see if it actually creates more volume.

2. mark. Hook Up Lip Gloss in Blow Kisses: More on this below

3. Nelson J Beverly Hills Argon Oil 7 Non-Foaming Shampoo:  LOVED!!  I can't wait to buy this product.  I literally have already told 6 people about it.  It left my hair looking great with only this product.  I can't explain how shocked and awed I was!

4. Olive Natural Beauty's "The Olive Bar" in Lemon & Lavender.  This soap smelled good and worked it just didn't wow me at all.  I have no reason to buy this soap over any other soap that I could get with a similar smell and result.

5. Skinn Cosmetics "Colour Touch Eye, Cheek and Lip Glow" in Teen Tone: I have tried this on my eye, cheek and lip.  It looks great on the eyes and cheeks.  It is quite a soft pink color and looks quite natural.  On my lips it really washed me out unfortunately so I won't be doing that again! :)  Perhaps a darker color for the lips would work better as a 3-in-1 for my skin tone.

 This is the mark. lip gloss.  It's a nice red in the bottle which I really like.  I am a big ran of red lip products.
This is it on.  The lighting is poor but you can get a general idea of the glossiness.  I love this product.  The color is fab but not too much and it isn't sticky at all.  I can't wait to try another shade in the gloss!


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