Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sally Hansen Extreme Effects & Julep March 2013 reveal!

Hello?  Is anybody out there? :)  I am sure there are some.. stop by and say hello!
In other news, I had to work on a Saturday (thank God that doesn't happen often) and decided to try out the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Polish Strips in Gold.

I really like how these turned out.  I didn't apply them perfectly though.  I think there is a little bit of a learning curve.  I had a hard time "folding it over the tip" like they say to do and then filing.  I ended up filing a little too close to the nail so some of them had some tip wear right away.  They are supposed to slightly stretch to fit the nail but when I tried to stretch mine, I might have pulled to hard because it actually made a little hole.  I don't feel like any of these things is apparent in the picture but I had to be honest!

And now for the big reveal!

As everyone says, Julep has great packaging.  I don't want to throw away anything.  The paper, the ribbon.. I guess I could do away with the cardboard box and the paper "spaghetti" or whatever that is called.  Does this make me a hoarder?  I worry sometimes.. I did force myself to throw this away though.  I'm not so sure I'll have the strength next time.  Don't judge!

I did the classic with a twist box this month.  I ended up with Debra and Simone.  Debra is a smoky beige and Simone is a opalescent Lilac. 
When I first saw Debra, I knew there was something I had to try.  I had first seen this idea here

That is  ELF chocolate over Debra using Winstonia plate 113.  I think it turned out pretty good!

Here is a shot of the Hand Crème included.  The cap is different than any lotion I have ever had.  You twist the bottom and there is a little hole that opens up.  Lotion could get stuck in that little hole if you aren't careful about applying the lotion but I haven't had a problem with that so far.  I like the feel of the lotion and I am getting used to the way it smells.  It has a smell that I feel would appeal to "little old ladies".  It's that kind of floral.  I don't really know how else to explain it.  It's floral but musty smelling.  Like I said, I'm growing to like it, the older I get! ;)

Free gift was this strawberry-mint lip balm.  It's sooooo soft.  It is the softest lip balm that I have ever owned.  I would think that also means keep it away from body heat and don't leave it in the car if you value this lip balm.  This is a picture of me wearing the lip balm.  Very little color if any.
Speaking of Julep lip color.  Remember how I got Poppy in my Mystery Box a month ago and was worried about it?  Yeah not anymore.  I LOVE IT!  I just had to get used to going outside of my comfort zone color-wise.  I am so glad I did!
Don't my lips look happy?  Happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!


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